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  • Discount Statement of Purpose (SOP) / Letter of Intent (LOI) Support Service

    Statement of Purpose (SOP) / Letter of Intent (LOI) Support

    • SOP/LOI is an independent service. This is only needed if the candidate needs professional help/support to enhance their SOP/LOI.
    • Our team of professional writers will advise and review SOP. This process will take upto 1 week for the initial draft to be sent to the applicant.
    • The length of the SOP will depend on the materials provided by the applicant.
      • Things to do by the applicant:
        • Please provide rough points/draft of your previous SOP/LOI and resume/CV
      • *Please do not send any official copies.
  • Discount Customized Application Planning (CAP)

    Customized application planning (CAP)

    • After initial consultation, our team will reach out to you with a customized plan to apply for dental schools/residency programs in the United States.
    • This plan will include time-line for competency examinations (i.e., INBDE, TOEFL, ADAT, etc.), time-line for SOP/LOI, and LOR submission, time-line for sending official transcripts and material to the CAAPID, time-line for application to the different schools.
    • *Initial consultation is must for this service
  • Discount Consultation Service/Profile Evaluation

    Consultation Service/Profile Evaluation

    • First timers: Free 30 mins consultation
    • In consultation services, our team will evaluate your profile and provide feedback to improve your chances in the application cycle.
      • Things to do by the applicant:
      • Please provide your CV/Resume, Statement of purpose (SOP)/Letter of intent (LOI)*, TOEFL Scores, INBDE/NBDE I and II results, and additional related competency exam results.
      • *Applicants that require help in SOP, please check our Statement of purpose (SOP) /Letter of Intent (LOI) support
      • Please do not send any official copies.
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