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How do you increase your chances of impressing the dental admissions committee in CAAPID 2023?

Reapplying to ADEA CAAPID and in a doubt of what documents is to be changed?

The selection to the university is based on a group of essential requirements in any profile. These essential requirements include the strength of your application documents, i.e., your curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, supplementary answers, letters of recommendation, interview skills, and bench test performance.

It is also dependent on the experience gained, which can be paid or unpaid and national or international.

Essentials of the admission process:

The very first thing that the dental schools refer to is the paperwork and documentation submitted through the ADEA CAAPID website. As they say, “the first impression is the last impression,” so in order to get chosen, one needs to focus on making a lasting impression. It appears to be a great challenge to make engaging paperwork.

The idea of near-perfect documentation is to portray your professional journey in an honest yet dynamic way.


The documents to pay attention to are:

  1. Curriculum vitae:
    To get selected by the admissions committee, make sure the curriculum vitae is impressive with the experiences, achievements, research, and volunteer work. Nothing on the CV should be fabricated, as this may act as a negative point on the profile.
  2. Statement of Purpose:
    This is the most important document for any application, as it defines the personal effect on the admissions committee. It gives details of the primary goals and achievements and an insight into the entire journey of the candidate. Since it is a personalised document, it should be unique and specific to the individual. A statement of purpose should never be copied and pasted.
  3. Letters of Recommendation:
    Though these are the documents that are not written by the candidates, they play a pivotal role in the selection process. It is these documents that show the committee the unique qualities noticed by the recommender that can be an asset to the university.
  4. Supplemental answers
    You should treat the supplementary questions and their answers as seriously as the rest of your application. If the school requests further information from you, it means you need to demonstrate why you want to attend their school. Before crafting your reply, make sure you do some research using their website or alumni database. Either maintain a unified tone throughout the application up until this point or skip over any institutions that require essays or other supplementary materials.
Some tips for writing the above application documents:
  • Always maintain the same tone throughout the entire document.
  • Maintain a standard document form, i.e., font, text, and format.
  • Do not put any information against which you do not have a document to present.


If you get an interview call, it means your profile is strong and stands out enough to be noticed. At this point, half of your journey to getting accepted to the dental school has been completed with the documentation submitted. It is now that the admissions committee understands the authenticity of the personality shown in the documents and the associated documents.

Some tips to remember before going for an interview:
  • Review the documents submitted to the dental school, including the supplemental questions and answers. Make sure you maintain the same reply if asked in the interview.
  • Research on the university and its goals, values, research, and events, especially the news section, This gives a fair idea to the admissions committee that you are well aware of the upcoming events on campus and prepared to be part of them. It also shows your enthusiasm for the dental school and its events.
  • Always be presentable, calm, and confident to be able to ace your interview.
  • Lastly, always get feedback on your preparation from family and friends and take mock interview preparations so that it can give you a confidence boost


Last but not least, Bench test preparation is also an equally important part of the selection process. The test also evaluates your creativity and ability to manage your time effectively. It analyses your clinical skills, theoretical knowledge, and basic application of both in a case-specific environment. Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s time to start preparing for the psychomotor test. The majority of universities require a Class 2 with PFM, gold crown preparation, amalgam restorations, and composite restorations. A few inquire about wax inlay or on-lay drills.

All of the above requirements will determine your selection for the dream dental school of your choice. Each of the steps requires paying attention to the minute details and being ready for the next step. Be it submitting the supplemental answers or making interview preparations, it has to show the unique and unending enthusiasm of the candidate to get admitted to the specific university. To make your job easy with the help of experts who have been there and done all that is required for obtaining admissions, do have a look at our services on our website,

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