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Reapplying to ADEA CAAPID & in a doubt of what documents is to be changed?

How do you increase your chances of impressing the dental admissions committee in CAAPID 2023?

What documents can I transfer from the last application cycle?
What changes should I make to get selected for dental school?
Are you confused on how to re-apply ADEA CAAPID?

The CAAPID application process can be difficult and complicated, especially when one is reapplying and has a number of doubts about documentation and how to apply, what documents to change, and which schools to apply to get accepted!


Before reapplying, make sure to check what went wrong with your last application!
Was it a letter of recommendation that did not emphasize your skills and experiences?
Was your curriculum vitae a crisp and clear description of your awards and achievements? Was the statement of purpose or supplemental essays not written well enough to give a precise overview of your journey, or was it that your application reached us very late?
Make sure to shortlist the dental schools you want to apply to in this cycle, and do make sure you recheck the eligibility of admissions.
After you have found the answers through introspection, do ask the admissions committee for feedback, as a few schools do offer it to improve it for future admissions cycles.


Yes, one can use an existing account to re-apply for the new CAAPID cycle. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that there are some documents that can be transferred to the new application, but there are a few that cannot be transferred.


The transferable application items are as follows:

  • Personal information and academic history, including experiences, achievements, and dental degrees

If you don’t have any new experiences or new academic achievements, you need not change the information, but it is always better to update with new achievements.

  • Licenses
  • Evaluations from ECE or WES

It has to be noted that these are transferable for the first three cycles unless they expire. If the candidate reapplies for the fourth cycle, a new evaluation has to be submitted.

  • Curriculum Vitae and resumes can be transferred
  • Standardized tests of TOEFL and NBDE Scorecards
  • Official U.S. transcripts and other relevant information

Most of the documents are transferable, but there are a few that cannot be transferred and need to be recent.

These include:

  • Personal statement, which is also known as a statement of purpose, and essays.

Though the same statement of purpose can be submitted, it is always better to update the personal statement with new achievements and make it strong enough to stand out among the number of applications and make your selection definite.

  • Letters of Evaluation, also known as letters of recommendation
  • Program-specific material
  • Payments are to be made again and are not transferable
To conclude, getting rejected in the last cycle may have been a challenging situation to accept, but it was a teaching experience. Every unsuccessful interview is a learning experience and an opportunity to perform at your best in your reapplication.

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