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What documents you need to apply to CAAPID 2023?

What to keep in mind before applying to dental school in the us?

The dates for the opening of CAAPID applications for dental school are around the corner, and there may be many questions unanswered. We wish to help you in your process of application and selection to dental school in the US with a few key points to remember before applying. It is important to note that letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, curriculum vitae building, experience certificates, and a strong academic record are the key points for a strong profile that will help your application stand out and get selected. When you apply for CAAPID, there are a few common pre-requisites that the dental schools must approve. Following are the primary documents required for the CAAPID application.

    1. INBDE scorecard or NBDE Part 1 and part 2 scorecard for selected universities.
    2. TOEFL exam score report
    3. Three letters of recommendation
Most universities prefer three letters of recommendation in the following order:
      • Dean of your dental school.
      • Dental school faculty member or clinical instructor.
      • Dentists the candidate has worked with (letters written within the last two years are preferred).

Note: Letters of evaluation are submitted electronically, so applicants must have a valid email address for each evaluator.

Application Process

Here is a small post to learn more about letters of recommendation.
4. International dental degrees can have their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), and U.S. institutions can send transcripts directly.

It is important to note that some institutions want the evaluations from only ECE, so it is important to check the eligibility of the dental school before applying.
5. A curriculum vitae plays an important role in the selection process as it gives a detailed idea of the academic achievements of the candidate.

Here are a few more things that will be helpful to know about a curriculum vitae.
6. Statement of Purpose: A Statement of Purpose is a short essay that highlights your educational background, achievements, and goals. It intends to highlight a student’s purpose for applying to a particular course at a particular university.

Here are a few more things you need to know about the statement of purpose.
7. There are some universities that require the applicant to have citizenship or be a green card holder to apply. Such universities need proof of residence.
8. Also, there are some universities that require the candidate to submit a supplemental answer. These requirements change as per universities, and every year there may be changes that should be re-verified on the ADEA CAPPID website.

Apart from these documents, there are a few universities that require additional documents after the selection procedure. These documents are to be submitted to the university directly and not on the CAAPID website. Do refer to our blog below to find more about exceptions and special criteria of some of the schools.
Decoding Dental School Applications: Criteria, Exceptions, And What You Need To Know To Find Your Perfect Fit

To conclude, applications to ADEA CAAPID may require meticulous planning and need to be updated with current requirements. In order to get selected and ace the selection process, one needs to pay more attention to the documents required to show your academic journey and achievements so that selection to the dental school to achieve your dream of becoming a dentist in the US becomes definite.

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