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What to keep in mind before applying to dental school in the us?

What to keep in mind before applying to dental school in the us?

It is that time of the year when everyone is waiting for the applications to open for dental school. The anxiousness to apply to dental school increases as the dates are approaching and candidates need to focus on the documentations and fees before applying. The ADEA CAAPID application process for 2023 Application starts on 9th March 2023 and we have a few tips you need to keep in mind before applying. These tips will make you see your path of application process vividly.

    1. There are a few dental schools which prefer a citizen/green card holder as primary criteria. Make sure before you apply, you check with this criterion. If you fulfill it, you will have to produce proof of residency.
    2. To get admitted to dental school, English proficiency test is the basic requirement for every school. Though most of schools need TOEFL score but there are a few schools which accept IELTS exam score.
    3. All schools have basic minimum score requirement in TOEFL. This criterion is very important to determine your selection to a certain dental school.
    4. For Advanced Standing Dental Program, all school does consider completion of ADAT but it is not a mandatory requirement.
    5. The evaluations of degree transcripts are accepted in English language only hence many schools prefer translated transcripts.
    6. The ADEA CAAPID needs evaluation of transcripts. Most dental schools require Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) but there are some schools as exceptions that do accept evaluations from WES.
    7. Some schools need the candidate to send a few documents directly to the program and candidate should be well prepared for additional documents with paperwork.
    8. A few dental schools require the candidate to submit a personal statement of purpose and Curriculum vitae. These documents give the admission committee an introduction about the goals and achievements of the candidate.

The candidate must be ready with all documents for ADEA CAAPID Application process beforehand so that there is any delay in proceedings is avoidable.

To know more requirements and eligibility criteria we have compiled the list for you, do review it on our website

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